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Full Length Grooved Pin With Chamfer End ISO 8740/ DIN 1473 / EN 28740

They are also called Full length Grooved Pin with chamfer end or Cylindrical Grooved pins or Straight Grooved pins.
Groove Pins as per ISO 8740 are Pins with Full length straight grooves and chamfered ends to facilitate smooth entry. It is a type of cylindrical fastener that is commonly used in mechanical assemblies to secure two or more components together. The pin has a straight groove along its length, which allows it to be inserted into a corresponding hole in another component. Full Length Grooved Pin With Chamfer End ISO 8740 /DIN 1473 is assembled into a drilled or reamed hole by press fitting securely in order to ensure that the pin is held tightly in place. The pin is held in place by the tension created between the two components around the notched areas, which locks it in place.

The ISO 8740 and other equivalent standards like DIN 1473 EN 28740 specifies the dimensions and tolerances for this type of groove pins. Also called Cylindrical Grooved pins, they are available in a variety of sizes and lengths to accommodate different applications. They can be made from a variety of materials, including Carbon steels, Stainless steels, Alloy steels, brass, etc.

Groove pins are commonly used in applications where there is a need for a secure, reliable fastening solution that can withstand moderate loads and vibrations. They are widely used in the automotive, machinery, textile, aerospace, die making, jigs and fixtures, as well as in construction and allied industries.

In summary, Full Length Groove Pin With Chamfer End ISO 8740 is a cylindrical fastener used to secure components together, and the ISO 8740 standard specifies its dimensions, tolerances and other requirements.

Features of Full-length grooved pins with chamfer end:

Full-length grooved pins with chamfer end that meet ISO 8740, DIN 1473, and EN 28740 standards have particular features that improve their usefulness and adaptability to different uses. The following are typical characteristics of these grooved pins:

Groove Design :
The pins’ continuous groove runs the length of them, giving them anti-rotation qualities and enhancing their capacity to securely fasten components.

Chamfered Ends:
There are several uses for the chamfered ends. They make it simpler to insert into the appropriate holes, lower the possibility of damage occurring during assembly, and help with alignment.

Material Composition:
Stainless steel or steel are commonly used to make these grooved pins; these materials offer strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, depending on the needs of the application.

Precision Machining:
These grooved pins are made with precision machining and adhere to strict dimensional accuracy guidelines, guaranteeing a suitable fit in assemblies.

Jigs and Fixtures Applications:
Often utilized in jigs, fixtures, and tooling configurations, these chamfered-end, grooved pins aid in precise component alignment and fastening in industrial operations.

Disassembly Ease:
Because of their chamfered ends, which make them easier to disassemble as well as aid in assembly, these pins are appropriate for applications that call for routine maintenance or adjustments.

Suitability for Machinery:
These pins, which are made for use in mechanical assemblies and machinery, guarantee exact alignment, stop rotation, and offer stability to parts that are subjected to a range of loads and stresses.

Anti-Vibration Properties:
The pins’ resistance to vibrations is enhanced by their grooved design and chamfered ends, which makes them appropriate for uses where stability is essential.

Compliance with International Standards:
These grooved pins fulfill industry-accepted requirements for performance and dependability by adhering to acknowledged international standards like ISO 8740, DIN 1473, and EN 28740.

Versatility in Various Industries:
These grooved pins’ characteristics make them useful in a variety of industries, such as the automotive, aerospace, machinery, and other manufacturing sectors where stability and precision are crucial.

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