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Internal Threaded Dowel Pins Unhardened ISO 8733 / EN 28 733 / IS 10248 (Type A) / DIN 7979

Dowel pins are mechanical fasteners used are used either to retain parts in a fixed position or to preserve alignment of components. Internal Threaded Cylindrical (Dowel) Pin are for used for easy extraction of these Dowels, from blind holes.

Internal threaded dowel pins according to are cylindrical in shape with an internally threaded or tapped hole at one end. The unhardened designation means that the dowel pins have not undergone any additional heat treatment processes to increase their hardness.

Unhardened or soft internal threaded dowel pins ISO 8733 / EN 28 733 / IS 10248 (Type A) / DIN 7979 are commonly made from steel, such as low carbon free cutting steel or sometimes medium steel, or stainless steel. The specific material used depends on the application requirements, considering factors such as strength, corrosion resistance, and environmental conditions. The surface finish of these dowel pins is typically finished with precision grinding to facilitate easy installation and removal. The internal threaded hole in these dowel pins is typically a metric thread.

Installation and Application:

Internal threaded dowel pins ISO 8733 / EN 28 733 / IS 10248 (Type A) / DIN 7979 are commonly used in various applications, including machinery, automotive, aerospace, and jig, fixture assembly operations. Once installed, the threaded dowel pin provides precise alignment and helps secure the two components together. Understanding the dimensions, tolerances, and application considerations of these dowel pins is crucial for ensuring their effective use in mechanical assemblies.

Corrosion Resistance: The carbon steel material used in DIN 7979 dowel pins duly oiled provides reasonable resistance to corrosion, in case of harsh environments or applications where exposure to moisture or chemicals is expected Stainless steel Dowels are preferred. Plating of pins is another option.

Air Vent: A flat or slight groove is provided on the outer diameter of the pin for passage of air. This facilitates easy insertion and removal of the pins during assembly. For unhardened the air vent is provided on customer request.

Wide Range of Applications: Internal Threaded Dowel Pins Hardened ISO 8733 / EN 28 733 / IS 10248 (Type A) / DIN 7979 provide reliable and long-lasting performance in a wide range of industrial applications such as automotive, aerospace, machinery, and precision engineering.

Conforming to ISO 8733, EN 28 733, IS 10248 (Type A), and DIN 7979 standards, Unhardened Internal Threaded Dowel Pins are a lightweight and adaptable option for precise fastening in a range of applications. These pins, with their unhardened composition, are ideal for uses where moderate strength and flexibility are important factors.

These threaded dowel pins are perfect for projects that call for a more flexible material because of their unhardened nature, which facilitates easier machining and adjustments during assembly. They are appropriate for machinery, furniture, and other assemblies where weight considerations are critical because of their lightweight design and Type A qualities, which serve applications where heavy-duty strength is not the primary requirement.

Flexibility in assembly procedures is ensured by the internal threading, which offers a stable and adjustable connection. The adherence to ISO, EN, IS, and DIN standards demonstrates their dedication to accuracy and quality and provides assurance regarding their performance. These unhardened threaded dowel pins offer a dependable and effective solution for a variety of fastening applications. They are especially useful in situations where moderate strength and ease of machining are critical. These pins meet the requirements needed for quality and performance, improving assembly efficiency and adaptability in the manufacturing, construction, and other industries.

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