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Internal Threaded Dowel Pins Hardened- ISO 8735 / EN 28 735 / IS 10248 (Type B) / DIN 7979

Internal Threaded Dowel Pins are mechanical fasteners commonly used in various industries to align and secure two or more components together. They are designed to fit into corresponding holes, usually blind holes, providing precise positioning and preventing misalignment. The threading is provided to extract the pins from blind holes.

Internal Threaded Dowel Pins Hardened DIN 7979/ ISO 8735 / EN 28 735 / IS 10248 (Type B) are standards that specifies the dimensions, materials, tolerances and hardness for these pins. These dowel pins are known for their high strength, durability, and reliability.

Key Features of Internal Threaded Dowel Pins Hardened DIN 7979 are as follows

Material: DIN 7979 dowel pins are made from high-quality hardened alloy steel, which provides excellent strength and wear resistance. The hardening process results in improved durability and load-bearing capacity.

Precision Tolerances: These dowel pins are manufactured with tight tolerances to ensure accurate alignment and positioning of the mating components. The dimensional tolerances specified in DIN 7979 guarantee consistent and reliable performance.

Corrosion Resistance: The hardened steel material used in DIN 7979 dowel pins duly oiled provides reasonable resistance to corrosion, incase of harsh environments or applications where exposure to moisture or chemicals is expected Stainless steel Dowels are preferred. Plating of pins is another option.

Surface Finish: The outer diameter of the dowel pins is typically finished with precision grinding to ensure a smooth and uniform finish.

Air Vent: A flat or slight groove is provided on the outer diameter of the pin for passage of air. This facilitates easy insertion and removal of the pins during assembly.

Wide Range of Applications: Internal Threaded Dowel Pins Hardened provide reliable and long-lasting performance in a wide range of industrial applications such as automotive, aerospace, machinery, and precision engineering.

Our Hardened Internal Threaded Dowel Pins are the pinnacle of strength and precision in industrial fastening, painstakingly made to satisfy exacting standards such as ISO 8735, EN 28 735, IS 10248 (Type B), and DIN 7979. These hardened dowel pins are designed to last, providing strong connections even under difficult circumstances. Their performance and dependability are guaranteed by the ISO, EN, IS, and DIN certifications, which highlight their adherence to global standards.

These threaded dowel pins, which prioritize industrial strength, offer a reliable and long-lasting solution for demanding applications. Their resilience is increased by the hardened material, which qualifies them for heavy-duty use. Internal threading enables accurate and customizable fastening to meet a variety of assembly needs.

Our hardened internal threaded dowel pins provide a dependable solution for any industry that requires strong connections, be it manufacturing, construction, or another sector. Put your faith in these components’ accuracy to increase the strength and longevity of your assemblies. Choose our ISO, EN, IS, and DIN certified hardened dowel pins for quality and compliance; they set the benchmark for excellence in threaded fasteners made to withstand the most demanding industrial requirements.

Our Hardened Internal Threaded Dowel Pins redefine precision and durability in the field of industrial fastening. Ensuring a stable performance even in the most demanding applications, these pins comply with ISO 8735, EN 28 735, IS 10248 (Type B), and DIN 7979 standards. Their lifespan is increased and their resilience is strengthened by their hardened construction, which guarantees dependability in harsh environments. These threaded dowel pins offer a sturdy and versatile solution for your projects involving machinery, construction, or manufacturing. With our certified Hardened Internal Threaded Dowel Pins, you can choose excellence in industrial fastening where strength, accuracy, and compliance meet for unmatched performance.

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We are an ISO 9001 Certified & reputed manufacturer of Industrial Pins with expertise gleaned over 40 years. We manufacturers these pins according to various standards namely ISO, IS, DIN, BS and also as per customers requirements.