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Round Head Grooved Pins (Rivet) ISO 8746/ DIN 1476/ EN 28746

Round Head Grooved Pins ISO 8746 or DIN 1476 are characterized by their unique design, featuring a cylindrical body with a round head and a grooved section along the shaft. The grooves provide enhanced grip and retention within a component or assembly, ensuring secure fastening. These pins are of the rivet type, and are designed to be permanently fixed and not intended for frequent disassembly. The dimensions and tolerances specified by DIN 1476 ensure consistent and precise fitting within various applications.

The manufacturing process of DIN 1476 Round Head Grooved Pins involves several crucial steps. The process begins with the selection of high-quality steel wire as the raw material. The wire is cut into specific lengths and fed into a header machine that forms the round head and shank section. The grooves are typically formed using specialized machinery or rolling techniques. After the initial forming process, the pins may undergo heat treatment and / or plating to improve their strength, durability and corrosion resistance. Finally, the pins are thoroughly inspected for quality assurance before packaging.

Rivet type Grooved Pins as per ISO 8746 or DIN 1476 are predominantly manufactured from quality steel wire. The specific grade of steel used may vary depending on the application requirements. Mild Carbon steel is commonly employed. Stainless steel is also used in applications where corrosion resistance is crucial, such as in industries exposed to moisture or harsh environments. The material selection ensures that the groove pins can withstand the mechanical forces and environmental conditions they are subjected to.

DIN 1476 Round Head Grooved Pins find extensive usage across diverse industries. In automotive manufacturing, these pins are utilized for securing and fastening various components, such as transmission systems, body structures, name plates. Additionally, DIN 1476 Round Head Grooved Pins are used in textile, machinery, construction, and in jigs and fixtures, and allied industries.

Alongside DIN 1476, equivalent standards exist that define groove pins with similar characteristics. For instance, ISO 8746, ANSI/ASME B18.8.2 2000 outlines similar groove pins used in North America. These equivalent standards ensure global compatibility and promote interchangeability of groove pins across different regions.

Round Head Grooved Pins are specialized rivets made for safe fastening in mechanical assemblies. They meet ISO 8746, DIN 1476, and EN 28746 standards. These pins have a rounded head and a grooved exterior; these distinctive features help them work well in a variety of applications.

Because of their round heads, which offer a level and smooth surface, these can be used in applications where a flush or visually pleasant finish is crucial. By reducing protrusions, this design improves the assembled components’ overall appearance.

By improving the grip between mating parts, the exterior grooves add an additional layer of stability. The durability and integrity of the joint are ensured by this feature, which also resists axial and rotational forces and stops accidental disassembly.

The pins’ quality and dependability are highlighted by their compliance with international standards like ISO 8746, DIN 1476, and EN 28746. These pins meet strict industry standards, so users can rely on them to perform consistently in a variety of industrial settings.

To summarize, ISO 8746, DIN 1476, and EN 28746 Round Head Grooved Pins (Rivet) combine a rounded head for a smooth finish with a grooved exterior for increased stability. This makes them a trustworthy option for long-lasting and safe fastening in mechanical assemblies used in a variety of industries.


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