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Half Length Grooved Taper Pins ISO 8745/ DIN 1472 / EN 28745 / IS 7385

Half Length Grooved Taper Pins ISO 8745 / DIN 1472 is a standard groove pin, also known as Groove Dowel pins, which are used to secure two parts together. These pins have three longitudinal tapering grooves that run along half the length of the pin, which allows them to lock into place in a pre-drilled hole. This design makes them suitable for use in situations where a traditional pin or bolt might not be practical or tedious to assemble.

Half Length Grooved Taper Pins as per ISO 8745 / DIN 1472 are typically made from steel and they are often used in applications such as securing shafts to gears, connecting levers to switches, and attaching couplings to drive shafts. One advantage of groove pins is that they can be installed and removed without the need of complex tools, which can be useful in situations where access is limited.

The standard specifies tolerances for these dimensions, as well as requirements for the hardness and surface finish of the pins. Half-length Taper Groove pins are available in a range of sizes, from 1.5mm to 20mm in diameter, and the length of the pin varies according to its application, generally from 5mm to 125 mm.

Overall, groove taper pins half length ISO 8745 / DIN 1472 are a versatile and reliable option for securing two parts together. They are reliable and a popular choice for engineers and manufacturers and are widely used in a variety of industries. However, as with any mechanical component, it is important to ensure that they are installed and used correctly to prevent failure and ensure safety.

MATERIAL : Various types of Steel

INDUSTRY : Automobile, Machinery, Textile, Assemblies like Jigs and Fixtures, Medical Equipment Manufacturing, Electronics Manufacturing, Railway and Transportation, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing etc.


Increased adaptability in applications needing controlled movement is a major benefit. While retaining stability in some areas, the half-length groove permits differential movement in others. This enables controlled sliding or restricted axial movement, which is especially helpful in machinery with dynamic components.

Moreover, the grooved design facilitates disassembly procedures. The maintenance and repair procedures are made easier by the half-length groove, which makes it easier to remove the pin from the assembly. This feature is helpful in sectors where minimizing downtime through prompt and effective disassembly is essential.

These pins’ tapered shape guarantees a tight fit and accurate alignment, which adds to the assembly’s overall stability. By preventing unintentional component turning and preserving the intended orientation, the groove acts as an anti-rotation feature.

Their ability to adapt in high-stress situations is a noteworthy bonus. It is possible to use the grooved taper pins in applications with different loads and dynamic forces because they offer stable connections that minimize the chance of dislodging and resist vibrations.

To sum up, half-length grooved taper pins have the following benefits: precise alignment, controlled movement, ease of disassembly, anti-rotation features, and adaptability to high-stress situations. Because of their design, they are useful parts of machinery, equipment, and systems where these particular qualities are essential for dependability and maximum performance.

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