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Taper Pins are preferred for parts which have to be taken apart frequently and when driving out the Cylindrical Pins, would tend to wear the holes and also to very accurate constructed tools and gauges which have to be kept in absolute alignment. Carbon steel, alloy steel, Monel, and several types of stainless steel can all be used to make such pins. In low torque, precise positioning, and locking applications, taper pins are frequently utilized. Printing presses, gear hubs, and other mechanical assemblies contain them. These Pins are manufactured as per IS:6688 or DIN-1 or BS-46.


How Are Taper Pins Measured?
Determine whether the pin requirements in question are metric or imperial (inches) before attempting to measure a taper pin. The process of measuring metric taper pins is simple. Measurements for standard, internal, and external thread metric taper pins can be obtained by taking a diameter measurement at the pin’s small end. By measuring the pin from end to end, pin length is determined. Compared to their metric equivalent, measuring inch taper pins vary slightly more.


The effective lengths of standard and internally threaded taper pins are measured from end to end, while the diameters are measured from the large end of the pin. Pin diameters for externally threaded taper are measured at the widest point, which occurs immediately before the taper changes to a threaded tang. In order to remove the threaded portion of the pin from the effective length, its length is also measured from this point to the small end of the pin.


External & Internal Threaded Taper Pins

These are used for extraction of the pins more conveniently and are made and supplied in soft condition (EN-8). They are manufactured as per IS : 3524 and DIN – 7978 / DIN – 7977. Ext. Third Taper Pins can also be manufactured to DIN – 258 or to customers specifications.

Types of Taper Pins

Taper Pins Soft Or Unhardened

Taper Pins Soft Or Unhardened

These pins are commonly used mechanical fasteners designed to secure two or more components together. They are versatile, reliable, and widely employed in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, textile manufacturing. Plain taper pins are simple, cylindrical pins with a gradual taper of 1:50 along their length. They are typically made of durable materials such as steel, stainless steel which offer high strength and corrosion resistance. The taper is uniformly distributed along the pin’s length, starting from a larger diameter and gradually reducing to a smaller diameter.
Internal Threaded Taper Pins Unhardened

Internal Threaded Taper Pins Unhardened

These are specialized fasteners used in various applications to secure and align components with precision. These pins are designed to provide a reliable and durable assembly in situations where regular taper pins or straight pins may not be sufficient. They are typically made from materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or alloy steel. They feature a tapered body with internal threads at one end along the length of the pin. The taper allows for easy insertion and removal. It can be easily removed and reused, making them a cost-effective fastening solution.
External Threaded Taper Pins Unhardened

External Threaded Taper Pins Unhardened

Such pins are specialized fasteners used in various industries to align and secure two or more components together, providing stability and preventing relative movement. They consist of a cylindrical body with external threads at one end running along its length. The pin gradually tapers towards one end, forming a conical shape. The tapered end usually features a chamfer or bevel to facilitate easier insertion into a corresponding tapered hole. The threads are typically tapped or machine-cut with precision.

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