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Locking Grooved Pins - Third Length Centre ISO 8742/ DIN 1475 / EN 28742 / IS 7383

They are also called Locking Groove Pin or Centre Grooved pins.

Locking Grooved Pins – Third Length Centre or Locking Groove pins are also made according to DIN 1475. They are parallel pins with three equi-spaced grooves or notches and are commonly used in engineering and manufacturing applications.

The variables are the material used and the pin’s diameter and length. They can be made from a variety of materials, including Carbon steels, Stainless steels, Alloy steels, brass, etc. Hardening is an option but is generally avoided as it may affect the fitment of the pin in the hole. Further, a softer material is preferred to prevent damage to the mating workpiece. The pin is designed to be inserted into a corresponding hole to create a secure and stable joint or assembly.

The pin’s diameter ranges from 1.5mm to 25mm, generally and the length from 5mm to 100mm, though PANAMA has manufactured pins beyond this range also. The length is usually from 1.5 times or more than the diameter of the pin.

Coatings, like Zinc plating, blackodising and polishing are common finishing processes used to improve the pins’ resistance to corrosion and appearance. Stainless steel grade materials like 303, 304 and 316 are also used to provide higher corrosion resistance ensuring longevity and reliability depending on application and costs. With good precision manufacturing, corrosion resistance methods, they can provide a long-lasting and effective solution for various applications.

Groove pins are commonly used in applications where there is a need for a secure, reliable fastening solution that can withstand moderate loads and vibrations. They are widely used in the automotive, textile, machinery, aerospace, construction, and in die making, jigs and fixtures, and allied industries.

Third-length center locking grooved pins that meet ISO 8742, DIN 1475, EN 28742, and IS 7383 standards belong to a specific class of fastening parts that are renowned for their accuracy and dependability in a range of industrial applications. These pins have unique characteristics which add to their efficiency in offering strong and safe connections in mechanical assemblies.

The locking grooved pins with a third-length center design are more adaptable and can meet certain needs in assemblies where a full-length pin might not be needed or feasible. Because of this feature, they are ideal for uses in machinery, automotive systems, and other mechanical structures where exact alignment and safe fastening are required.

By following ISO 8742, DIN 1475, EN 28742, and IS 7383 standards, these pins are guaranteed to perform and meet exacting international standards. Users can rely on these components’ dependability and consistency in a variety of industrial contexts.

The pins’ grooved outside surface improves grip within mating components, which adds to their stability. This feature strengthens the joint’s overall integrity by resisting axial and rotational forces and preventing accidental disassembly.

In conclusion, third-length center locking grooved pins, which meet ISO 8742, DIN 1475, EN 28742, and IS 7383 standards, provide a reliable option for accurate fastening. They are indispensable in applications where dependable and safe connections are necessary for maximum performance and longevity because of their distinctive features, which include the grooved design and the third-length centers.

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