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Countersunk Head Rivet Type Groove Pins ISO 8747 DIN 1477 exhibits distinct characteristics that make them suitable for specific applications. These pins feature a cylindrical body with a countersunk head. The groove along the shaft provides enhanced grip and retention within a component or assembly. DIN 1477 specifies precise dimensions and tolerances, ensuring consistent fitting and alignment in various industrial applications.

The manufacturing process of DIN 1477 Countersunk Head Rivet Type groove pins commences with the selection of high-quality steel wire as the raw material. The wire is cut into specific lengths by feeding into a header machine that forms the countersunk head. Subsequently, the grooves are formed along the shaft using specialized machinery. Heat treatment may be done to improve the pins’ strength and durability but is best avoided to ensure proper grip. Plating or blackodising may be additional processes to improve corrosion resistance. The pins undergo thorough inspection and quality control measures at every stage and final inspection before packaging.

The specific steel grade used for ISO 8747/DIN 1477 Countersunk Head Rivet Type groove pins may vary depending on the application requirements. Low or Mild Carbon steel is commonly employed. Stainless steel is utilized when corrosion resistance is required, such as in industries exposed to wet or harsh environments. The material composition ensures that the groove pins can withstand mechanical forces and environmental conditions encountered in various applications.

Industry Applications: DIN 1477 Countersunk Head Rivet Type groove pins find wide usage across diverse industries owing to their functionality and reliability. Generally used in industries like automobile, machinery, textile, construction, and allied industries.

Equivalent Standards to DIN 1477, that define groove pins with similar characteristics and specifications. For instance, ISO 8747. ANSI/ASME B18.8.2 provides guidelines for groove pins used in North America. These equivalent standards ensure global compatibility and facilitate interchangeability of groove pins across different regions, and standardization in product.


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